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If you are tired of living a mediocre Christian life, always reading about the power of God and the need to live victoriously, but have not been experiencing that with consistency, then this class is for you. The discipleship course is competence based, meaning that it blends information with action. There are specific goals that you have to achieve as you work through this class.

If you are a new Christian needing to know what it means to live a fulfilling, victorious and powerful Christian life, then this class is for you. If you have been a Christian for a long time but are not satisfied with your journey and you have never taken a discipleship class, then this class is for you as well.

So why wait, sign up today! The course starts the third week of September. You don’t want to miss it. Space is limited. The course is for 12 continuous weeks.

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Lesson Name

Resource Guide

0 Course Introduction & Syllabus
1 The Path of Discipleship
2 Christ as My Center
3 The Bible as My Source Book
4 Compassion as My Motivation for Service
5 The Holy Spirit as My Power
6 Life Transformation as My Goal
7 Becoming A Person of Generosity
8 Committing to the Path of Learning
9 Walking with Integrity
10 Service Is for A Lifetime
11 Evangelism and Witnessing Are My Mandate
12 A Caring Community is My Responsibility